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It is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment using a small blade dipped into pigment to create the perfect hair strokes that blend in with and enhance your natural eyebrows. Between 6-14 small needles are used for each eyebrow– hence the name microblading.

Because each stroke is done carefully by hand, the artist can create the perfect density, colour and brow shape for each individual client. It is generally a two-step process and after the final touch up, the client will have full and natural-looking brows that will last anywhere between 1-3 years.

Treatment Benefits

Natural, Long-lasting results
Affordable & Easy Solution
No Upkeep and Waterproof
Painless, Effective & Safe

The Microblading Process

The microblading process begins with a consultation appointment. Here, you meet with the artist to perform your Eyebrow Microblading.

You both decide on a brow shape that best suits your face. Then, you proceed to selecting a color that fits your natural hair color and your skin undertone.

The next step is to clean the brow area. Then you numb it to prepare for the treatment. For the treatment, you need to use a tattoo machine. Instead, you are to use a small handheld device to draw out the brows strokes manually. Finally, an aftercare ointment is applied to speed up the healing process. This treatment process can last between 30 to 40 minutes. It all depends on how thick you want your eyebrows to appear.

This part of the process is as important as the entire process itself. We recommend you fix a follow-up appointment after the treatment. These follow-up and touch-up sessions can come up between the fourth and the sixth week after the treatment. This is to check the results and ensure you are happy with what you see. And when there is the need to adjust a few things, it can be done.

Aftercare for Eyebrows Microblading

• One product that we strongly advise you to use after your microblading treatment is sunscreen. Like with other tattooing processes, sunscreens help prolong the longevity of the effects on your brows. Sunscreens likewise protect your newly formed brows from fading due to frequent exposure to the sun.

• We again advise that you stay off any products containing Retin-A or retinol at least a week before an appointment. You should do the same 30 days after undergoing your eyebrow feathering Toronto process. This is as those ingredients can lead to fading of pigments early.

• For a week a two after the treatment (the healing process), ensure you do not wet the brows.

• Desist from applying any makeup on the microbladed part for at least one week.

• As soon as your skin is fully healed, you can now go back to your regular skin and makeup lifestyle.

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